Programming Skills
E-Solutions offers custom computer programming and full product development by our experienced team. Our custom computer programming specialists offer complete application analysis, design and production at affordable rates. We offer the unique ability to work on accounting systems, invoicing systems, billing systems, engineering systems, and more.
We specialise in Static and Database Website using the advanced technology like :
Cold Fusion, ASP.Net, Asp / VBScript, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS,, Java, Javascript
Macromedia Flash, SQL, Cold Fusion

Existing Website Renovation
Add flash intro
New Site & Corporate Identity
Website with flash intro
New Website Only 20-page

Standard > Hosted on a Windows 2000 dual Pentium Processor server with 1 GB of memory.
Premium > Offers additional speed and performance for mission critical sites.
Expert > Has ten times as much processing power and 50 MB of memory available to your website.
Our team consists of young, dynamic and experienced professionals who embrace each new technological
development in
graphics and computer industry, and are commited to provide outstanding service.

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